Android Camera Crash (force close) Fix

My android phone started to prompt me with “force close” messages every time I tried to use the camera.

For some reason the application was crashing each time I tried to start it. I tried to find a replace  the application with another from android market but for me it was hard to find an app which is simple and rich as the stock. Additionally the replacement apps was difficult to be connected with camera button on my phone and none of them (at least none of the ones I liked) was able to record video.

So I had to find a solution to application crash…

My first thought was to reset the device to its defaults but I was not liked the idea of  installing again all the apps and restoring the home screen layouts.

So I tried to search on forums for a different way. Meanwhile I used CameraMX  as a working alternative, a very good and free camera app.

Back to the problem…

I tried to re install the camera application (The camera application was easily extracted from a ROM file, thanks to XDA developers forums) but the problem persisted.

I was struggling with the problem for few more days I was pretty sure that something was going wrong with application settings or other additional files on my phone.

And the solution found: I deleted the thumbnails on the image folder of my SD card and restarted the phone. It seems that the little thumbnail window which indicates the last shot was responsible for the app crash, for some reason the thumbs was unable to load and the application was crashing.



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