Android reviews with Google+ account – another Google fail?

“From now on…”

Hey Google slow down! what is this?

I’m looking the message speechless!

Google decided to publish user names  from Google Plus service to Android Play Store reviews just because they own both services!

I don’t  know what Google have planed by this. I don’t know what the gain will be. But I really don’t care.

From my point of view an option for users to select if they are agree with this policy it would be better than this one way decision.

Google uses user data once again without any obvious reason and without letting user decide about it.  That’s a pity.


If some user doesn’t have Google + account Google asks to join the service in he (she) wants to post  a review or rate an app. This is ridiculous! First of all users are forced to have Google account in order to log in to android play services and now they are forced to join another service in the name of (security?). 

I see lot of posts on the internet where is claimed that this is a protection against spam. Come on do you really believe this? what kind of additional security is this? do you think that Google cant track the spammers by using only their Google account? 

I believe this is an epic Google fail!



The result is worse than what I expected to be. The Google+ name displayed in review is an actual link to profile. by clicking this link any Google play visitor is able to view the public profile of reviewer. This means posts, pictures and his (her) timeline is available to everyone (take a look here to see what i mean). Oh dear I’m going to close my Google plus account immediately!  

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